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shops (only few) : Arnys Hermes (Fbg Saint-Honorè shop) (actually all the Fbg Saint-Honorè it is a must see) Hobbs (Pierre Charron) Colette Homewear : La Paresse en douce - Rue du Bac To eat : Le relais de l'entrecote (meat) - 15 Rue Marbeuf Petit Cour - 8 Rue Mabillon
As I told in previous post of this thread I think it is not a problem who is producing, but everybody has to follow the laws about work, safety, final consumers health, tax, right of the workers.. This is the only way in my opinion : the final consumer has the right to buy having all the information and knowledge about how the item he is buying is produced. No matters the race, the religion, the Country. We can't fight against the market or about the prices Far East...
Quote: Originally Posted by epa My Z Zegna khakis/chinos (I am not sure of the difference) are from an Italian brand but the lable says "made in China" (so at least in Spanish they are "chinos", that is, "Chineese"). This thus seems to be legal, right? I'm not a lawyer, but if it delcare the real Country of origin, it is legal. Then the decision it's up to the consumer to buy it or not
Quote: Originally Posted by wsanford-shanghai As I am sure its been discussed, check out the book Deluxe. The "good" name of quality goods has been exchanged for a quick buck long before outsourcing ever came about. In many ways, you can say that forcing craftsmanship into an assembly line for RTW undermines the essence of bespoke or otherwise handmade goods. Having those assembly lines in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe or even Italy cannot mitigate the...
not sure, but pay a visit to Tincati or Doriani. They usually have a good selection of accessories.
I really think we have to go back to the original meaning of the post (I hope I understood it and I'm not wrong). once more : the point is not about race or color of the skin. what is legal ? to me people who open a factory in Italy (in US, in France, whatever) and pay 100 euro monthly salary to the workers IS NOT LEGAL. people who produce in China, Vietnam, Cambogia, ship to Italy and attach the label made in Italy IS NOT LEGAL. this is damaging the Italian (or...
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor almost split my sides as i rolled on the floor. when i read about a gentleman named "Matteo" Wong. it looks strange, but actually most of the chinese people in Italy has (or invent for themselves) an italian name...Ambrogio Wang, Giuseppe Lee..it is funny actually.
You can find a lot of threads on this forum talking about this matter. Anyway, you have all kind of fashion stores (Versace, Gucci, Prada..) in the Montenapoleone and San Babila area. In the same area (but via S. Andrea, via del Gesu') you have Brioni, Tincati, Doriani, Kiton. Otherwise you have more commercial on Corso Buenos Aires. Then a lot of good small stores like Bardelli (Corso Magenta), Eddy Monetti (San Babila)....the list can be very long
I suppose the only thing we have to focus is : what is legal and what is not. Doesn't matter if people are Italian, American, Chinese...There is a law and there are rules everybody has to follow. I'm Italian (apologize for my English which is not excellent unfortunately). Please believe Italy is not only mafia, spaghetti and pizza. There is a lot more and during the last 20 years this Country changed a lot. We still are the 5th manufacturing Country in the world. Talking...
Funny. Maybe Julius Caesar had cold feet..
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