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usual the key is the number of needles of the machine producing the socks (and the yarn used based on the machine of course). more then 170 needles is considered a dress sock, because you have to use fine yarns and the knitting is very fine. lower then 170 needles is usually a casual sock. not really related to the style, fancy, colours...but more related to the thickness of the socks. also the lenght is not an issue. Dress socks can be crew lenght and not over the...
Gerlin is one of the oldest shirt producer in Italy. It is a family business and they are well know for their silk shirts. Excellent quality.
"unfortunately" there are plenty of small factories outside Milan. Could be Maffeis, Lorenzini, Sonrisa, Laboratorio del Carmine, Burini, Zilli... (sorry now I see you are looking for fabrics mill, not shirt producer)
Maco is Caruso
My favourite one is Francesco Maglia. Small Italian factory all made by hand.
I've been in the factory and I visited the school. They are trying to keep the tradition and teach the young generation the art of tailoring. I appreciated very much it, as we have lack of good tailors everywhere now.
I can tell you the "usual" things about Italy (Venice, Rome, Florence...) but everybody can tell you. Here something different : 1 rent a car in Milan and drive from Milan to Perugia. This is one of the most beautiful roads in Italy. Time will be around 4-5 hours. You will cross the Appennini and driving trough the magnificent Tuscany 2 the Amalfi coast : Capri Island, Positano, Ravello, Amalfi 3 In the north Milan - Bergamo - Verona - Mantova (total driving is...
Herno ? Sealup ?
if you look for good price and honest quality : Ader - Via della Moscova 52
this report is very interesting, thank you for sharing this information. do you have also report about the conditions of the workers in those factories, report about pollution, report about taxes paid... Please note my question is not critic, but I'm REALLY interested in knowing more about the matter. I think to have an opinion we need all the information. another point : from my side I have the maximum respect for everbody. Chinese cultur is really one of the oldest...
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