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Budapest and if you include Russia in Western Europe don't miss St. Petersburg, just beautiful !
Comfort and durability of socks is not due to the yarn used only. It depends on the machine used for knitting. More needles the machine has, more comfortable and fine are the socks. There are different quality of wool too, depending on the count of the yarn (the count is the way to measure how fine it is the yarn). It is quite a complicate matter, but as already suggested in previous post, have a look to Kabbaz site, there are explanation about that. Anyway, composition...
Answering to the original question : I'm not in the cotton trade, but we are buying cotton everyday. The forecast we have is showing increase of prices until at least June 2011. Then, as it is just a financial matter, could be a very quick decrease...but nothing is sure at the moment, as all the other things happening in the world during last 18 months.. it is true that price of cotton was almost the same for 5-6 years.
Restaurant : Le petite Cour - 8 Rue Mabillon (60 - 80 euro) - good food, small and romantic if you like special meat : Le relais de l'Entrcote - 15 Rue Marbeuf - they only do entrecote, but really a special one ! Shop : Hobbs (cashmere) - 45 Rue Pierre Charron Frank Namani - Rue Marbeuf La Paresse en douce - Rue Du Bac - Homewear, pijiamas, slippers and objects for home always worth to have a look at Hermes...
very difficult a Company can be able to do nice things for both mens and womens. I see a lot of brands trying to do both, but the DNA is just for one side. I know only few brands able to do both : Hermes, Loro Piana and few others.
suppose he will be the new manager at Tincati
just a question for people involved in the production process : what do you think about this price increasing for the raw materials (cotton, cashmere, silk) ? Do you think there is a REAL reason or it is just financial speculation ?
For the first time Carmen should be right. I strongly remember few years ago I had the opportunity to be in the Arena of Verona (Italy) for the Carmen under the artistic direction of Franco Zeffirelli...was a beautiful Summer night under the sky (the Arena is open air). The music, the colours, the "coreografia" and the "costumi"...simply beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard My bespoke sockist and I are laughing heartily over a glass of brandy at the miserable lives of you plebeians. Quote: Originally Posted by nohio People wear their socks more than once? Ugh. Do you also just eat dinner off the same plate and take a piss in an unflushed toilet. Go find a proper sock monger and step up your game. What a beautiful music for a socks producer...
Do you buy "one size fits all" socks or sized ones ? problem on the back of the sock could be because you are wearing the wrong size. Usually all socks are reinforced in the heel and in the toe, but if the sock is too small, the shoe hit the fabric where it is not reinforced and break it. Just an idea...but this could be just one of the possible ones.
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