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If you don't want people look at you as a tourist pay attention to the colors. I live close to Milan and I often travel to US. Some example : White shirt/red tie/black pants = more American; Sky blue shirt/regimental tie/grey pants = Italian. Don't go around in khaki shorts/white crew socks/sport shoes as it is like to put a sign above you head "tourist". Also the fitting is important : large fitting shirt is not Italian. I'm talking about business wear of course. Young...
Neal and Palmer - Piccadilly Arcade
should be on his way to Pitti. The show opens on the 14th.
Will be there for my Pitti number 44 as exhibitor
Just an idea : the region of Umbria. We call it the green heart of Italy. Val d'Orcia in Tuscany it is magneficent. Other ideas : Verona Capri Sardinia...actually too much to see here !
Do you prefer wearing 100% cotton socks only or you prefer to have cotton/nylon cotton/spandex blend ?
What do you think about the future of the textile industry of Europe and USA ? Business changed dramatically after 2008 and the situation is still very confused. Our manufacturing Companies still based in US and Europe will survive ?
never been in the one of Prague, but I visited a lot of Brioni shops. As far as I know, their quality and prices are all the same everywhere.
It's all about marketing today. The real asset of a Company it's his brand. Companies are investing more and more in communication, marketing, advertising.. What about the quality ? What about the people ? What about the style ? It seems those are becoming secondary issues.. Consumers are buying more and more the box (the label), not what is inside the box.. Really depressing.
Just a suggestion : also if you will not stay there, visit the lounge bar at the roof of Molino Stucky Hilton hotel on the Giudecca Island. You will have the most beautiful "panorama" of the city.
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