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20 dollars it is a good deal for a 70% cashmere 30% silk sock.
Usually silk adds strenght to the material it's blended with. Silk it has also the peculiarity to keep the body temperature. That's why during the years it was used also for ski legwear. Actually the only way to really make the cashmere sock stronger it is to add a LOT of nylon, but in this case you loose all the softness and comfort of the cashmere. Cashmere/silk it is usually a good compromise as the silk is anyway stronger than the cotton. Linen/cashmere sounds good...
Drakes has a new owner, Brioni sold to PPR group, La Rinascente (the only surviving high level Department Store in Italy) sold to a Thailandese edge fund...these are only few of the changes in the business of last months. World is changing...will see what will happen in the next 2-3 years. Better..worst...we have just to wait, for sure will be different. Anyway the success of a Company is only due to the knowledge and diligence of the management. To keep the tradition,...
On production side, there is a wider range of yarns you can use. Printed ties are usually made up of silk, knitted ties can be wool, cotton, silk, cashmere, linen... Using all these different yarns you can reach tones of colours and shadows you can't reach with printed silk. Of course the knitted tie is more "casual" compared to the regular silk ones. My father was used to produce thousands of knitted ties in the '70 using our socks machines. For long time they were not so...
Don't remember a specific one in Belgium. If you will ever be in Italy there is a very good one in Turin : Sary calze - Via Andrea Doria. Best multibrand selection in Italy. Otherwise Schostal in Rome - Via Fontanella Borghese. If looking to medium quality go to Calzedonia (big chain of monobrand stores, around 200 doors in Italy).
Don't understand if the problem is only about the look or it is because of high temperature. In first case of course it is always more elegant to wear socks, in the second case I don't think a good 100% cotton fine sock can make your feet warmer..
To me is more fun to match the socks to the tie. Navy socks are quite right for jeans, but, if not wearing a tie or a suit, you can match the color of the sock to the color of your sweater, shirt or polo.
Sorry for late reply, but I was in the middle of new collection presentation and travelling. I can report my experience about colors. In Italy and France we sell 80% of Navy blue socks, in US and Russia the most preferred color is black. Charcoal it is always good as most people match the color of the socks to the color of the pants. Personally I prefer Navy blue, but actually I'm wearing all the colors, specially during Spring. I like to always put a note of color also...
Mackintosh is fine. Umbrella don't bring, you can buy everywhere here for good price. I agree September can be crazy weather. Sometime you can still go seaside at the end of September/mid October, as it can be 15 Celsius already.. everybody has his own way to dress..I can tell how my son is going around during free time (he is 19) : Polo or Abercrombie T shirt or polo, jeans (you have plenty of brands) and sneakers. good suggestion to find a good gym or swimming pool.
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