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Let me think...uhmm.. going sockless and skip blisters...uhmm...yes, I got it ! WEAR SOCKS !
The quality of the cashmere is depending on how much the thread is fine and the fiber is long. Short fiber cashmere mean you will have pealing problems (sorry for my English, I don't remember if the word it is "pealing" or "piling").More information you can have visitng the web site of Loro Piana or Cariaggi. Two of the best Companies spinning the best cashmere.The unit to measure the thickness of the thread is the micron (part of the millimeter).It is difficult for people...
just a note : there is cashmere and cashmere, as for the cotton and the wool, not all quality are the same. The best 2/28.000 count cashmere is now about 140 euro/kilo (+32% compared to 06/2010 price).
We are talking here about two really different yarn, not comparable one to the other I would like to say, but : 1 Merino wool it is supposed to keep the temperature of the body, while cotton it is (usually) better for the transpiration. So I would say for cold weather better a good quality of wool 2 this id depending on the quality of the yarn himself. For example everybody is marking cashmere on labels, but you have some cashmere which is worst quality then the worst...
Actually can't tell you about the site, but I'm sure you can find some good quality socks if you visit the links on the right of this page.
Suppose you are looking for 100% cotton light weight socks, right (as this should be the best for the transpiration of the skin) ? Linen is good too or 100% wool for winter.
Very sad if they will close down.
I saw more changes in the fashion business in the last couple of years than in the others 22 I'm doing this job. It seems today is all about money only. A big carousel where everything is changing. When thinking about what's happening I always remember few words written in "Il Gattopardo" (an old Italian book) : "Everything has to change if we want everything remain the same".
This matter of "Made in" is coming back very "hot" during last months. I had long discussions about. Don't think this is the right post to start it another time, but what I can assure it is : it's true what you are saying about this problem, but, please, believe there still are in Italy Companies producing 100% in their factories. Believe the ones doing it correctly are VERY disappointed (to use a kind word) about this matter because it is damaging their hard work to keep...
They had troubles (big ones), but I don't think those troubles effected the production too much. My customers buying Borrelli told me the quality is still good.
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