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Just curious : nobody heard about a brand called "Jacob Cohen" ?
I like Andover shop very much !
Restaurants : Le relais de l'entrecote - Rue Marbeuf. If you like meat, this is something you have to try. Book in advance because it is always full
I suppose the problem it is also that Chinese Companies are looking for big numbers and since high quality goods market is of course smaller compared to the mass distribution business, they just don't care about it. Not because they are not able to enter it, but just because it is not generating the profit they are looking for...Am I wrong ?
To be honest I didn't have the time to read all the posts of this Thread since the beginning. What I can say it is always the same : besides of the quality of the goods, we must play all on the same field. Nothing against Chinese goods if they are produced following the rules about health care, right of the workers, taxes, international commercial laws, intellectual property and trademarks and generally speaking all the laws the US and European Companies are...
Is true Naples has "O' sole" and "O' mare" (The Sun and the Sea for the not italian ones)...
Maglia and Talarico are the best handmade Italian umbrellas
Brioni has the main factory in Penne (Italy) and many others in north/mid Italy. Don't think PPR bought all the group in order to destroy all this knowledge and skill. I can tell also big part of the financial problems are not coming from the regular administration of the Company, but from "extra" factors. The Company is profitable and is making high quality products. As Italian I'm proud to have a Company like Brioni still involving a lot of jobs in our Country and...
Socks with nylon or spandex could be the problem. Or just the chemical components used for the color. But these are just supposition, anyway for the best transpiration of the skin, always 100% natural fiber (100% cotton or 100% wool the best ones).
yes, in the outlet of my friend in Castiglione del Lago (Perugia) : you can have the best quality for 150 euro ...lucky Italians who can find these opportunities out of the door..
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