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Long time I'm not on StyleForum. Maybe the matter has been already discussed and I missed it, but I see from the request we have from all the brands we are cooperating, socks have a new life. It seems it's happening what happened to the ties in the '80, when all the major brands had a hudge collection of ties because it was the trend. Now all the brands want to have a large socks collection in their selection. Maybe because people is wearing less ties (really sorry for our...
Today casual Vigano' trousers Bresciani socks Church's shoes
Just a note going back to the original post : yesterday the Court in Carpi (Modena) closed a procedure against illegal Chinese workers in Prato area. The judgment was not only against the Chinese owners of the illegal Companies, but also against the Italian Companies using them to produce their goods. Motivation was because they were conscious of using illegal labor, without any kind of safety and health control and taxes. Just a note about fight against illegality,...
We had this kind of discussions often on this forum and on others site on the web. I suppose the only point it is the final consumer has the right to know what is buying and where it is made. Then the final decision it's up to him. I don't think the heart of discussion is about the quality (the final consumer will decide if the quality is good or not), but about the information Companies give to the consumers. I'm the first to tell the consumer is king and the law of the...
As a Company we noticed a big change around 3/4 years ago. Socks seem to be the "new ties". A lot of people is now adding a touch of colour wearing colourful socks, instead of colourful ties. I'm not entering the discussion about it is good or not, as this is depending on personal taste, just would like to point out our files show this is the trend. Specially in US people is wearing more bold and big design, while in Europe the matter is focus on the colours only.
Just a mix of casual (jeans and shoe) and ultra-classic sock
This is work of my brother's wife. Women have always a better touch for these nice things..
ah ! ah ! they smell like feet of course, but after a loooooooong shower and a lot of perfume !!
I planted some socks in our garden..and this is the result
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