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Blue on Blue on Blue Bresciani socks Church's shoes
People with shoes and no socks ? Ok so I'll do reverse. Going around socks and no shoes
Bresciani will open in November 2013 the first mono brand store in Moscow, Crocus City Mall.
Marcoliani it is a good option. The problem you are talking about is really depending from people to people. 100% cotton could be a good solution, as this problem is sometime coming from syntetic fibers. 80% wool 20% poly could be another option, if the poly is completely covered by wool. but if the wool socks itch you just because they are "hairy", the solution could be a mercerized wool (the mercerization "burn" all the "hair" from the wool, giving it a dry hand).
Vigano' trousers Bresciani cotton and silk socks John Lobb shoes
It is worth to buy a Ferrari ? Suppose (in a different scale, of course) the question is the same. Why spending 300.000 dollars to have 4 wheels ? You can spend 4.000 dollars to have 4 wheels buying a Bobomanga car made in China... I suppose it is not only a matter of durability (100% nylon socks of course are more durable compared to 100% cotton), but a matter of comfort, fitting and style.. Only a personal opionion of course, as I have a family to feed.. buy Premium...
100% silk socks are usually the best for cerimonies or "tuxedo" events. The silk has also the peculiarity to keep the body tempereture, so it's good both in Summer and in Winter. You have different kind of silk on the market, the "shappe", which is the "basic" socks and the silk called (in Italian, sorry don't have the word in English) "organzino", which is the best. Usually best raw silk is coming from China, then, of course, there must be an excellent Company...
Thank you for the post. See you at the next Pitti in June !
Shoes : Hogan Socks : mine
Dear Gentlemen, anybody interested in learning more about socks, how they are made, the socks' machines, the knitting... It is focus mostly on Bresciani Company, but you can find a lot of very interesting information, if you are curious to know more about socks' world. Just in idea, if you have nothing better to read for tonight.
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