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It's been some time since I posted about shoes here on SF. I have just the sort of feet being discussed, and require the type of last being sought after here. My Brannock size is about 10 (measuring to the end of my big toe, and 11.5 using the arch length slider to the ball of my foot. The 10 measurement is really useless, as I have long toes, and a size 10 or even 10.5 shoe would mean very squashed toes. Most shoe fitters are inclined to think this should be my size. ...
Just noticed on the Alden of Carmel website, that the Jess Monroe shoe will be put back into production for 2014. J. Gilbert Footwear in Seattle, is now accepting pre orders for a fall 2014 delivery... http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Shoes-Kudu_Plain_Toe_308.htm Jess
I posted my photos using the middle size setting (350 x 700). It seems when I click on the photos to enlarge them after they are posted, they end up with the contrast too high. The vamps look ok. However, the stitching on the tops looks very unnatural. It seems the same effect is happening on the DW boot posted above, though to a lesser degree than on my boot photos.
Ray, Like you, I met and had boots made by a number of the well known boot companies in El Paso, TX., then I traveled further, and had some Paul Bond and M.L. Leddy boots made. I knew that the cities of Mercedes, and Raymondville in the Rio Grande Valley were also known for having a number of custom boot shops. I found the article you posted. However, I could find little to no discussion about the South Texas bootmakers on any internet boot forums. In 2006 I took a...
Here are some more of my designs... El Vaquero Stallion El Vaquero Rios of Mercedes El Vaquero El Vaquero
Thanks Ray! I am originally from the Northeast. I always liked the look of a "businessman's" dress boot, and often wear them both with jeans, as well as trousers and a vest, or sport coat.
Here are a few more... El Vaquero Paul Bond J.B. Hill
Here are a some of the boots that I designed and then had made by various custom boot companies. As you see, I favor smooth leathers. My boots are mostly made from Italian Kangaroo, Sheridan Kangaroo, or a combination of the two. I require a fairly flat arch for my very flat feet. These boots have all been either made that way, or relasted to fit that way. For some reason when you click on each picture, the boots themselves in the photos get really grainy. The photos...
Thanks GamaH! After I designed the Tres Outlaws boots, they were given a name and listed on the Falconhead website. Falconhead decided to call them the "Boo Hoo Blues." Here is the link: http://www.falconhead.com/photo.php?pic=photos/product_photos/DSCN6011.jpg
Nice to see this thread revived! Just thought I would post a link to a few of the boots I designed, and then had made by various boot companies. http://s895.photobucket.com/albums/ac155/JBoots37/Boots/ The large majority of the boots I own have either been made, or relasted by a bootmaker in Raymondville, Texas. My feet swell lots during the course of a day, so I favor the Southwest approach of a looser fitting instep. Also, since I have a flat foot and a low instep, ...
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