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Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard I'm also convinced this is happening. I've seen items "sell out" or be placed "in other users' shopping carts" way too quickly to be real. Usually it's not the big-ticket items, either, but some of the lower margin stuff that is less likely to sell on its own without a boost of some sort. Gilt creates the illusion of scarcity by artificially lowering stock and pretending that it's being bought out at light...
Hello all, I posted this before but my thread got locked because I bumped it (sorry mods, I didn't know the rule). I am reposting because I would like to lower the price. I promise I will not bump this thread, I have learned my lesson. For sale I have a great greyish turquoise blazer from Patrik Ervell FW 09/10 collection that I bought at the last Gilt sale. It has never been worn (other than tried on) and is new with tags. I have kept it in a garment bag since I got...
Hello all, For sale I have a turquoise blazer from Patrik Ervell FW 09/10 collection that I bought at the last Gilt sale. It has never been worn (other than tried on) and is new with tags. I kept it in a garment bag since I got it. It is size 42 (fits more like a 40, typical of Ervell sizing which runs small). Selling because it has become redundant in my wardrobe. $325 plus shipping, which is about what I paid for it. Local pickup is welcome in NYC. Will ship to...
I just bought one of these Penfield x Stussy parkas, waiting for delivery.. Only thing is the stussy embroidered logo on the back will have to be removed with a stitch picker/ razor or tailor as I don't care for it. There's a guy on ebay selling them cheap, he only has vests listed now but I think he has more of the jackets as I had emailed him regarding availablity of hoods with red lining (which he said he has). For around $150 brand new (which is about what they've...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Can the second coat be applied immediately when the shoes are no longer shiny/oily (so like 10 minutes) or when it's had time to absorb (like a few hours or next day)??? I suggest reading the article on leather care on the Russell Moccasin website. A lot of good info there. http://russellmoccasin.com/leather_care.html
I'm really sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing with us, and for your advice, I will take it to heart.
Russells are the best, great craftsmanship and reasonably priced considering the quality. just ordered my 3rd pair (chukkas). Go for the custom fit; it's worth the wait.
Need some advice on sizing--does the unstructured blazer from SS09 run about the same size as the unstructured blazer from FW09? And the suits from 08, I remember running very small, so if I am a 42 for FW09 what would I be for 08? A 44 you think? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for unstructured blazer, could be SS09 or FW09, either would be fine. Would like the matching slacks if you have them but not necessary. Also may be interested in other Ervell pieces around the same size. If you have them let me know! thanks. If you're in NYC I can meet and pay cash, otherwise I do Paypal as well. FW09 I'm a 42/34, not sure if SS09 runs the same, I'm going to check now. Normally I'm about a 40/32.
Camera to Iphoto, drag from Iphoto to temp folder on desktop, bulk upload to photobucket... pretty good workflow using this method.
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