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Surprisingly still available!!
none of that shit will fit well. fuck j crew.
I'm going to Paris on Sunday (studying there for a while). Any recommendations for good, affordable wine?
Bah, I returned the jacket. It's such a beautiful piece, I wish I bought the correct size.
AAThese are lightly used, they've been in my closet for a couple months w/ shoe trees. size 8.5 I paid $450 for them on Epaulet please add paypal fees.
AThese are gorgeous jeans. I bought them from a user a couple days ago, and they are too small on me. They were worn these a few times a week for several months, so there's some minor wear in the usual places. an initial cold soak was done with very little color loss, and they haven't touched water since. They have lots of life in them, though--enough still to make them your own. I'm cutting the price to 215 plus 4% paypal fee. I'm moving, so I need to sell them...
I'm moving to France, and I don't think I'll be wearing them. Just looking to sell.
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