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I was in Paris for one night (about 30 hours total) in March. A good way of seeing a fair bit is getting the metro to Chatelet - walk over to Cite and see the Notre Dame. Head back towards Chatelet along the Seine, taking in the Louvre. Then, head towards Place de la Concorde, onto the Champs Elysee, to the Arc de Triomphe. You'll also see the Eiffel Tower wherever you are. That's probably a 2.5 hour walk, taking in the main sights.
Ok - for some answers from my experience, assume 50% margin, cater for paying all on pro forma, build in euro fluctuations and transaction costs, assume 30% of stock left at end of season, of which most will be sold below cost. Also allow for approx 25% slow moving stock that would be expected by customer.
serious answer, take her out in islington (upper st). grab "a quick bite" at Trevi opposite high + i station, and then splash the difference in the trendy bars down upper st / camden passage. good food and flash bars afterwards, in a decent area.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt lol. No one is going to hate you for spending 14 days on a train in Europe man. What he said. I'd just add that most "Europeans" are proud of their own country. Spending a couple of weeks in Holland and getting to know the country could be a wise use of your time...
Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale So I finally met the owner of the pub I frequent, and it turns out I have seen him occasionally without me knowing he was the owner. This guy is an Englishman, I gathered this from, well, the pub decor and by conversations with the general manager and staff. He seems to always wear shorts and crummy looking tshirts with some sneakers. He fashions some facial hair in a style I do not care to describe. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Barington Ayre is in the Cotswolds, not too far from Bath. He also travels quite a bit through the UK with very flexible hours. Any reviews on this company? Might fit the bill for me!
Quote: Originally Posted by GBaxter I'm asking this as I have a problem with nose hair and I've found the trimmer device you get from shave shops is badly designed and is largely useless, in that it doesn't remove enough visible nose hairs, nor is it able to get to other nose hairs. I spoke to a couple people who said the large majority of beauty therapy places that do hair removal, won't actually do IPL laser or electrolysis on nose hair, as it'd be...
Quote: Originally Posted by ktrp Some people think that button down collars look good. That is why these collars are produced, and have been produced for many years for non-polo players. Wearing button down collar w/ tie under a suit is done by very respectable americans, but I don't think would be done in the UK. Actual members from the UK could comment on that. Let's just say that wearing button down collars, especially with a tie,...
PM sent with intl shipping questions
Agreed, it is very strange. Hopefully Cameron will have a similar effect.
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