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Impressive collection MSAINT
Get Montana Pitch...wont darken much and will protect from shit weather..thats alll you need.
Thanks again for all the info...im off tomorrow and am definetely eyeing those momotaro's at tenue. The denham store sounds great too.
Thanks for the tips guys...the tenuedimes store looks fantastic, definetely going to check it out. Cant find huf on a map, is it in the old city?
Heading to Amtserdam next week for 5 days, first time, and am wondering if anyone has any advice on any shops worth going too? Am up for anything, but primarily looking for denim, outerwear, and shoes...dress or sneakers. tks
I had to resole my 1k's and it was no biggie. The soles only lasted a year with heavy wear, probably 3 -4 times a week. I also walk about 3 km/day.
Im thinking about ordering some of the slim fit shirts in medium? I'm 6', 175 with a 42 chest...would this shirt fit properly or should I go with a large? tks
What is the difference between the neutral creme and the renovateur? Would brown wax alter the color?
Im picking up a pair of the apc derbies in caramel this weekend, and am wondering if you guys could advise me on how to care for them? Does this type of leather need to be waterproofed? I ordered Saphir neutral creme, and am wondering if this would suffice? Would you do anything else to care for this type of leather? I don't want to alter the caramel color if possible. Thanks
What have you guys been using to maintain your boots? I've been using obenauf's cream every so often, but am wondering if there is something better that I could be using? Btw...these boots are fantastic. thanks
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