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Size was correct....the shoe fit perfectly and felt great at first. It could have just been a freak occurrence, but I've never had that happen before. Just a heads up.
I picked up a pair of their 4 eyed oxford's in September. I'd never heard of the brand, just figured what the hell. Around mid November the stitching around the ankle of the shoe began to unravel and the leather began to separate. I wore them probably 15-20 different occasions. I've tried to contact the company regarding the issue and have been completely ignored and the retailer basically told me to piss off. Anyway, I would never buy another pair of shoes from Zeha...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid patrickb; I just started the treatment on my 1K Miles and they look crazy dark. Yours look closer to the original color. Are yours rust or brown? And how long did it take for the color to return to normal? My boots almost look black now. I used Obenauf's on my Brown 1,000 miles and they are much darker than Patrick B's. The color doesn't lighten up with time...personally, i wouldn't use LP again...
Picked these up last weekend in Amsterdam.
Quote: Originally Posted by tooshay Does anyone know of any UK/EU stockists? I just saw them for sale at Son of Stag in Shoreditch yesterday. Selling for 295. Caliroots sells them too, they ship out of Sweden.
Impressive collection MSAINT
Get Montana Pitch...wont darken much and will protect from shit weather..thats alll you need.
Thanks again for all the info...im off tomorrow and am definetely eyeing those momotaro's at tenue. The denham store sounds great too.
Thanks for the tips guys...the tenuedimes store looks fantastic, definetely going to check it out. Cant find huf on a map, is it in the old city?
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