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Best: Our Legacy/ Norse Projects Worst: Zeha Berlin...worst shoe purchase ever!
The excess oil that bleeds from the jacket lessens after a few wears...it's common fora newly barbour.
If your coming from Montana where it's pretty cold don't wear denim in Indonesia....it will be incredibly uncomfortable. I've seen the locals do it, but if your a westerner and not used to heat like that it will be hell.
I washed it with a wet cloth, so i don't think i fucked that up..I called Barbour and they were no help. Maybe i just need a new one.
I hung the jacket for 4-5 days before wearing it, so thats not it and I spent 3 hours rubbing wax in, so I dont think it was the application. Maybe I didn't work the wax in enough....I was thinking maybe the cotton wasnt absorbing the wax anymore. The jacket is a bit old, roughly 15 years, and maybe it was too long between wax applications. Has anyone else seen or had this happen to thier's? Thanks
I've just re-waxed my bedale for the first time and it looks pretty good...until I wear it Within minutes of wearing it the wax forms creases easily and doesn't seem to have set permanently. I can remelt the wax with a hair dryer and it distributes evenly. I've let the coat sit in the sun of a large bay window for a few days and let it dry in a room temperature room for the last few days. It doesn't seem like the wax will set. Has anyone any experience with this process?...
How long do these jeans typically bleed? I bought a pair of 634S's about 5 weeks ago and they are still bleeding into my tees and shoes. I've been wearing them 4-5 days a week.
Check out Goodhood or Son of Stag in Shoreditch. They both carry Momotaro's.
Size was correct....the shoe fit perfectly and felt great at first. It could have just been a freak occurrence, but I've never had that happen before. Just a heads up.
I picked up a pair of their 4 eyed oxford's in September. I'd never heard of the brand, just figured what the hell. Around mid November the stitching around the ankle of the shoe began to unravel and the leather began to separate. I wore them probably 15-20 different occasions. I've tried to contact the company regarding the issue and have been completely ignored and the retailer basically told me to piss off. Anyway, I would never buy another pair of shoes from Zeha...
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