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No...we've all decided only to regress in the future.
Has anyone visited the factory shop in Northampton? Just wondering if there is more variety of boots and sizes for sale there than on their ebay site.
None of those boots will last on any hikes in the mountains caffed. You need something with a rubber sole and better stability for your ankles, otherwise you could end up injuring yourself. I would never set foot on rough terrain with a leather sole. The Alden's are nice boots, but only made for city life and walking in the park. You should bring a pair of chucks, sandals for the beach, a pair of dress shoes for the evening and some decent hiking boots for the mountains....
Tenue Di Nimes sells a gorgeous version of this boot in a navy that would pair better than the brown.
The grenson glenn boot might fit the bill http://
Polo sells for nearly 3 times the price it does in Switzerland compared to the U.S, the items aren't the same but the quality is. Levis sell for $150 a pair and the quality is shit. I have noticed Abercrombie and Hollister everywhere with kids under the age of 20 or so in Europe lately, then again a lot of them could be American/Canadian tourists...but most likely the influence of American brands is much greater now. Definitely more so then when I lived here 5 years ago.
the wire shirt from surface 2 air is one of my favorites. great stuff. forgot bleu de paname, which I think is a bit hit or miss, sixpack france (nice sweatshirts and cardigans), and a great sneaker company that is also ethical...veja.
I 2nd Norse Projects-I own a few pieces from them and it's excellent quality for the price. Denim Demon-cool jackets, knits, and obviously denim Libertine-Libertine- nice pants wood wood-nice tees and sweatshirts and some cool jackets Indigofera-nice denim Won Hundred-nice knits soulland-nice button ups surface 2 air-nice button ups velour-nice button ups and pants suit-nice jackets
Just out of curiousity what are some of your favorite shirt/brands that have lasted awhile? What are some shirts that you thought would last that haven't?
Pick up some man capris when you arrive....I hear they breathe well and you'll blend in with the locals.
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