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Size 42 Zeha Berlin Oxford. Shipping costs outside of Europe need to be paid for. Sorry about the shitty pics...i only have an iphone camera. Here is a link below with better pics.
Gitman Vintage Chambray in blue. Size medium. P2P 21.5 inches. Have worn probably 5 great condition. If shipped to North America shipping will be about $20. I will be in the us over the holidays...the 20th til January 2nd, so I could wait to ship til then. Shipping needs to be paid for too. Sorry about the shitty iphone's all i have for a camera. Below is link of the same shirt with better pics.
If They're black it won't change the color a bit.
I recently saw that Present London was carrying huberds shoe oil/shoe grease....pretty much the same as obenaufs. It'll darken the leather too if that's what your looking for and is a lot cheaper than shipping from america to the uk.
A size medium in the US is a large in the EU.
I just picked up these deerskin leather gloves from Norse Projects and am wondering how to care for them? I was planning on using a leather conditioner, but was wondering what you guys use for protection, if anything? Thanks
If I wear a 7.5 in the bourton with a 5 width how would that correspond to size regarding the stow or eaton boots? I'm not looking to wear thicker socks with the boots to compensate for size discrepancies. So, would a 7.5 be the same fit, or would I need to size up or down? tks
No...we've all decided only to regress in the future.
Has anyone visited the factory shop in Northampton? Just wondering if there is more variety of boots and sizes for sale there than on their ebay site.
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