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Hey all, I need some supplies for a comic art class I'm taking... only problem is I don't know what some of this stuff is. I need "A block, a sketch book, pencil, indian waterproof ink (artel) 1 watercolor brush artel sintetic hair short stick Number 0 and 1, a metallic pen nib (plumilla metalica)" what is a block, and what is a plumilla metalica pen nib? anything else you guys think will be useful?
true.. ebay is the perfect manifestation of the free market. you're going to pay for the going price of anything.
I'm waiting for this man to start playing again: With him, and ACC Rookie of the Year Luke Keuchly playing together-- we should have the best linebacking duo in the country.
This should be at my doorstep tomorrow...
incredible story
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx Slice of Cheese pizza from D'Amore's in the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax. ugh.... i'm in santiago, and i think i miss a good slice of cheese more than anything else from the states...
draining a 3 in someone's face. 1-putting. ace'ing someone in tennis.
Just decided to order one. I'm studying abroad in Chile, and it will be nice to have my books on one device, and be able to read the pdf's professors send me without printing them all out (which I have the luxury to do back at school in Boston). Plus, there are no big english bookstores around here, and I would like to read the occasional book in English. I just have to decide which color case I want for it...
In Santiago, Chile studying at a university until December. About to order a Wechter acoustic guitar and have it shipped here. Life's good.
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