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Futurebirds, Menomena, Angus & Julia Stone, and a bit of Patti Smith to go with her book 'Just Kids'
just the standard lamy safari for me with noodlers ink . works for me
My initial delight in Chilean food has quickly waned. It is bland, boring, and copoffs in the worst way of other foreign dishes. The only good thing is their sandwiches which are amazing and extremely unhealthy
a heiny.... regretfully. but it's growing on me the more i drink it.
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD what the s90/95 (or lumix lx3/lx5) are - they are like those subaru imprezas or mitsubishi evos are. commercial cars that function well in automatic, but can be truly race ready and fully manual once you know how to use it fully.. its always nice to have the option to learn the aperture/shutter speed/ exposure/ white balance/ and fully manual focusing - but you might honestly never use it. I like...
this shit... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Course_...al_Linguistics ....in spanish....
damn that looks fantastic
Gonna be FSU vs BC for the Atlantic Division. I think VT is just gonna romp the entire conference and take the Coastal.
Quote: Originally Posted by sunror sure, most qbs in the league (third stringers included) are probably better than brady quinn true, but brady quinn could bench them
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