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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I've a Sigma DP1. I spent more on accessories than I did on the actual camera. Love my Sigma's landscape pictures, but I hate the time it takes in between photos...
Paceña, the national cerveza of Bolivia. It's ok...
WHY OH WHY CANT I GET ESPN3 ABROAD. oh well. keeping track of football on twitter is I guess how people kept up with football before the radio was invented... so Wake and Miami look good..?
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Are you actually reading what I'm posting? You do realize that just because FSU beat them that day, doesn't mean they were actually the better team. They actually scored a decent number of pts (28), which in most games would mean a W, but you guys happened to have a power offense that repeatedly put up great numbers against everyone. Gotta give BYU a lot of credit for beating Oklahoma and Oregon...
Finally found my favorite (at least one of them) beer here in Santiago. Was delightful.
Hey guys, I've decided to knock off one of my life goals next year and run the Boston Marathon. I don't have to qualify, because my school (BC) has automatic charity member registrations. All I need to do is train.... So my question: what training programs do you recommend? I really have no idea how long I could run right now. I try to do a 10miler every week, and I ran a 19min 5k a couple of months ago. I see a lot of training programs designed for 4 months prior to...
feelin a bit homesick during my year here in chile... fire up some eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee and all is well for the time being
Futurebirds, Menomena, Angus & Julia Stone, and a bit of Patti Smith to go with her book 'Just Kids'
just the standard lamy safari for me with noodlers ink . works for me
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