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open one in newton/brighton. youll get rich BC kids and their families eating there all the time.
It's sad because the ACC has teams that are supposed to be good, but simply aren't. At least with the Big East they're supposed to be bad, and actually are... Although this weekend we might see who's really at the bottom (Maryland vs Cincy, NCSU vs WVU, Miami vs Pitt). Would love to see VT rally and beat ECU (are they considered 'dogs at this point?? wow).
what a terribad day for the ACC. but if UVA beats USC-- could mean they're a legit contender in the coastal. i always thought miami and fsu were overrated, but still hoped they were good enough to win nationally... well, they actually were overrated. at the very least, notre dame lost and that's what's most important.
Quote: Originally Posted by Superfluous Man Any pair of athletic shoes will work. Ya, try using "any pair of athletic shoes" for 4-days straight on scree scrambles and through muddy gulches. Not to mention with a 40lb pack on your back and nothing really to keep you from twisting your ankle on one bad step.
Quote: Originally Posted by KenN Arc'Teryx Cierzo 35. The 18L version is good too. It is very simple and light, and can be collapsed into its own pockets. I've used this. Very basic pack with no real padding (why would you ever need to collapse your backpack into itself?). On long treks your back gets super sweaty. If you're going Arcteryx I recommend the Axios 35. It looks cooler, anyway. Might be a bit big for what you're...
If you live in Colorado, and aren't gonna buy a Subaru-- well that only leaves the Tacoma/4Runner. Seriously, remove every Subaru and Tacoma from Colorado and you wouldn't have many vehicles left.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku This. I can't see why this would be a shameful purchase unless they sat in a closet unused with the tags still on it. I have some Arcteryx gear and the stuff is made very well. It's definitely paid for itself over the past 5-6 years. It's well worth the price at retail, even though I got the stuff super cheap. It's shameful more or less because I had preexisting items that were fine: shell, 30L pack,...
Quote: Originally Posted by akatsuki If you want a technical pack, I am a fan of Cilogear's stuff. Here is a description of them: How are these? I've heard great things, but they're not common, I don't know anyone with one. Good climbing pack?
Skiing daypacks are different than hiking/biking daypacks... You could get something like this that could maybe suffice for all of those activities: There's also a 30L. Things are so specialized these days, but if you need one for all of those things then I would get a skiing pack because not all daypacks can hold skiis-- but all skiing packs can hold bladders, clothes, etc... I would say that the camelbak is...
But Boise St is the only team that has "earned" the right to be a non-BCS top 5 preseason. No other non-BCS team has earned that right, but based on their BCS Bowl wins in the last decade I think they deserve at least one shot at the NC.
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