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Paderborner Export... is this supposed to be a good beer? I like it.
My best guess is beef tenderloin...
Went to the Chilean supermarket and bought something that looks suitable for a good roast. But I dont know what it is... This is what one website had to say. "PUNTA PALETA Es un corte en forma de abanico alargado, por una de sus caras tiene una tela fibrosa de color perlado. Es una carne blanda que puede usar en guisos, asado a la cacerola, al horno, biftec y carbonada." it looks like this: and it's from the front side of the cow......
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy THIS! hopefully someone can answer this. going to try the pork shoulder roast recipe this weekend, but the recipe calls for the shoulder to be left salted overnight before putting in the oven the next day. im a noob... do i wait for the pork shoulder to warm to room temp before roasting? or is it ok to start roasting cold (i would assume wait for it to get to room temp)
All These Things That I've Done -- The Killers Heard it in the skate video Almost Round 3 to Daewon Song's part, and I instantly knew they were my favorite band.
Curious, how did you get that price for the Theta AR originally? (being a $500 shell). Can you comment more on the size of the Mountain Hardwear coat (compared to Arcteryx/Patagonia sizing)? Or measurements possibly...
Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy Boston College LOL?? I'm guessing you're a Huskie?
Notre Dame, Duke, Boston U, Yankees, Lakers
After BC's loss yesterday, I'm pretty fine with missing football season to study abroad. What a waste of a season. Our D is top 10 IMO (what was 19-0 would've been less if it weren't for the INT's), but our O is a debacle.
Quote: Originally Posted by aizan probably going to get this, even though it looks like crap: http://www.finepix-x100.com/ krimety.. i think that looks amazing. if its less than 1000 i'm going to really give it a hard look.
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