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I'm looking for a J.Crew vintage Chambray style shirt in Medium. I'm interested in other brands, so let me know. I can paypal asap.
Quote: Originally Posted by tim_pnin Why does it have to be not made by J. Crew? I have their peacoat in size L tall, and it's fairly nice. And I'm no J. Crew fan either -- it's the only thing by them I have in my closet. Seems everyone has it these days (especially at my college in New England)
Who makes the best chambray shirt below $100 (used or new)?
Do the Nudie Slim Jim Organic Dry Ecru Embos stretch/fade very well? They seem rather elastic, and I've heard they don't fade as much as the other fabrics.
Who makes a good university coat/peacoat that isn't J.Crew? Preferably not extremely expensive as well. I have the same question for denim chambray shirts...
besides Cashmere, which of the fabrics is best? Cotton-Cashmere, Wool-Cashmere, Lambswool, or Merino?
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