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AMERICA! (I'm in Chile....)
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan i may have my geography mixed up, but isn't the lakes district furhter north? 10 years ago we went on a fishing trip out of puerto mont/ pauerto varas. beautiful country. you should be able to get some info in santiago, esp if you speak spanish. NOLS runs a course furhter south (maybe where you'll be?) out of coyhaique(?) - they might have some info... Thanks for the info! lakes district is southern...
Longshot... Anyone been to Southern Chile (except Torres del Paine, which I've seen)? Looking to get my backcountry on with a trip to the Lakes District... I dont even know where to begin looking, unfortunately. I'm in Santiago right now, but the informational resources are limited at best.
Wall Street 2. What jeans did Shia wear in the film?,0,1
Does anyone know what jeans Shia LaBeouf wears in Wall Street 2?,0,1
Don't expect anyone to know this... what jeans does Shia LaBeouf wear in Wall Street 2? Jean shops?,0,1
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 Isn't basketball going to be something of a train-wreck given the coaching change? Yes, but if you saw the type of offense we ran the last half decade you would understand. One of the most boring schemes (called the "flex") I've ever seen. I'm looking forward to Steve Donahue-- he took a mediocre Cornell team to the Sweet Sixteen last year, and we at least have better (and more black) athletes than...
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan One ACC team in the top 25. Pathetic. FLMountainMan, looks like its your team vs my team next week. A hilarious, but warranted, 23.5 spread is the vegas prediction. What's your score? I see FSU 31 BC 14 (my heart's been broken for a while now. at this point i've given up all hope and am looking towards basketball/hockey season)
Ah yea I think you're right. Thanks.
Paderborner Export... is this supposed to be a good beer? I like it.
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