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LOL@FSU. Good job guys. Good win for BC today-- run the table? (Duke, UVA, and Syracuse left to play)
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta At least Ponder's TD was the top play on sportscenter today. now that's just cruel. i know they wanted to honor the dude, but it's almost spiteful-- you know all he cares about is a win. i still think FSU takes the division. Both FSU and NCST play Clemson and UNC before season's end.. I believe FSU runs the table and the Pack loses one of those. But wow if Tom O'brien steals the Atlantic that will...
steph curry out... anyone watched golden state yet? has j.lin played at all? rondo's a beast. d.west is a thug and should be expelled from professional sports. too bad the celtics wont stay healthy throughout the year (already jermain o'neil).. heat is wade's team. spoelstra doesnt seem to be doing as great a job as i thought, any chance pat riley takes over?
great shots man. ive been wanting to see the cascades my whole life... maybe if i end up at UW for grad school i'll get to hang out there. i'm making 3 trips in the next 2 months... mt fitzroy (just backpacking around, now climbing...yet) in argentina, torres del paine in chile, and a trip to the lakes district in southern chile as well...
I posted a while ago about my distaste for Chilean food, but now I really dislike Chilean food, especially here in Santiago. When your idea of a great meal is this: Well, then I can say that your cuisine sucks. While they do have the occasional empanada or stew that redeems them a bit, overall Chilean cuisine pales in comparison to Peru, Argentina, and pretty much every other Latin American country. Let me present another staple, the Barros Luco: Great when stoned...
bump for a great coat
my fav (non-artesenal) beer in chile
Mt. Desolation, Dawes, Delta Spirit, The Moondoggies, Deertick, The Postelles, The Rassle, and John Lennon and.. and andrew collberg
wish i was in canada in the first place...
Is FLMountainMan at the game? (dude did not predict this. for some reason we always play well against you, and you play poorly against us) Boston College Football: Tantalizing Fans Since 1863
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