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Great looking pair of Galways. How does the leather hold up in the snow. I have a pair of 1000 mile boots that I wear in the snow. I have always been tempted to get a pair of Galways, but have been afraid they are too nice to actually function as snow boots. What has your experience been? Thanks.-LR
I actually completely agree with you. Tiffany is not by any means what it once was. I was merely mentioning the Tiffany stamped 5711 because of the discussion of the waiting list. Cheers.-LR
As you mentioned a 5711 blue dial can definitely be had, but try getting one with a tiffany stamped dial. A close friend has been on the waiting list for 3+ years with no clear end in site.I haven't posted in this thread in a long time, but just throwing my two cents in the ring-If it aint broke, don't fix it. I would just say make thread II and go from there. If you make a bunch of sub threads, how is it any different from any of the number or watch forum...
Great looking boot. Reminds me of the EG Galway. -LR
Is that at the Greenwich polo club? Nice BLNR by the way.-LR
nice photo. I tried one on yesterday at Wempe. The Deep Sea is a beast.-LR
Yeah that's probably what I will end up doing. I don't intend on purchasing there because I have heard to many bad stories, but should be good place to a least try them on.Walked into the older Wempe location first yesterday. When I told the guy there what I was looking for he said" I need your name, address, 2k deposit, and it will be a 9 month to one year wait. He was basically being a huge asshole. I left immediately. Went to the newer Wempe store, they were much...
You have some beautiful looking Daytonas. Thanks for sharing and for your suggestions.I wouldn't say that I am tough on watches but certainly would get a lot of daily wear. I currently rotate between a 1680 submariner from 1979 and blue dial date just that I've had since new in 1997. No intention of selling either.I decided that am definitely going to get a black dial. I now need to choose between the the 16520 black dial with originally white but now brown subrings like...
Thanks.Went to tourneau and both Wempe stores in NYC yesterday hoping to try on a Daytona, but unfortunately none of them have a stainless black or white dial for me to try on. The sales woman tried to convince me that I would be better off with a a yacht master II , a watch that I have absolutely no interest in getting.-LR
Which daytona did you get?I have loved the daytona since I was a little kid. I am finally going to buy myself one as a 30th bday present. In my price range I am considering the zenith movement or the newer rolex movement. Pretty sure that I am going to go with stainless, but still haven't decided which dial.-LR
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