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Loake Lifestyle Patent Black, Size 9 UK (width F). These are approximately a 10 in US sizing. Patent leather uppers, oxford lace ups with hidden seams. Perfect for black tie. New in box, they were tried on but never worn. They were half a size too big on me, and I normally wear a 9.5 US. These have also occasionally been sold by Charles Tyrwhitt in the USA for around $250 i think. $90 OBO
imma be the asshole that goes out on a limb here and says that NOT ALL good style is timeless. It looks ridiculous. The only people still wearing these things are the porters at Trinity Cambridge (look that one up when you get bored).
SF thrift stores have great stuff, and definitely plan on having it tailored. $50 suit plus $50 in alterations can look like a damn good piece if you're careful.
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/0..._n_592370.html Shoes look pretty good, Clinton and Obama seem to agree, though for some reason everyone has their pants hemmed wayyyy long
Rather than fight the Aldo square toe shoe travesty, he chose to kick it in the face with these:
Rather than fight the Aldo square toe shoe travesty, he chose to kick it in the face with these: http://cdn2.gilt.com/images/share/up...?49_1270158491
we can only hope.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinMcAfee "I have to wear one to work So, my belts are worn EVERY day." Funny, I have to wear one every day to keep my pants on, even on the weekends. And no, these aren't top of the line belts, but they're not top of the line prices either. That said, they're pretty good quality and I would expect them to last a while. Jcrew isn't filsons, but it isn't exactly k-mart either. Also, re: eqqus, isn't it...
a decent normal looking belt can be strangely hard to find. In terms of what to own, a dress black, dress brown, and casual jeans brown should take you 95% of the way there. Biggest considerations beyond color are width and edge finishing. dress: http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...4364/74364.jsp...
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