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Funny enough, I just bought the opposite of the call of this thread: a J Crew Fctory seersucker suit for a wedding this summer (I live in Boston). Should be fun. I'd also be looking for an unlined jacket. But I agree, impossible to find OTR.
My new work is usually "business casual." People usually wear khakis and button downs with no tie. Sometimes coats are worn. I have a couple nice navy blazers and a dark gray sport jacket. I am just now realizing that I have essentially two pairs on pants (that aren't jeans): khaki chinos, and wool pants in a shade of gray too close to the sport coat. Does anyone have brand and color suggestions for pants to go with these two jackets (or alone)? I'm really kind of lost...
I'm a pretty skinny Irish (pale) guy. Looking for a summer suit, but not sure what color and material to get. I know I can't do khaki because of my skin color. It has to be conservative--think something I can wear to court. Something like these from BB? Any OTR suggestions in about the $6-800 range? Thanks.
Have been away for awhile. Still have this awesome jacket hanging in my closet!
Also looking for a good Boston tailor. I took an overcoat to Jerry on Newbury St. and he turned me away because he thought the sides couldn't be brought in.
Looking for a Burberry (or "Burberrys") classic trench (or SB). Size 36 or 38, maybe a bit on the short/slim side (I'm 5'9" and very skinny). Please let me know what you've got!
Hello SF, I'm looking for a casual coat for the winter. I found this Ted Baker one, which I absolutely love, but I don't want to spend quite that much ($550). Does anyone know where I could 1) get the coat cheaper, or 2) find a similar one for a bit less? Thanks! http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/ted-baker-london-zainab-herringbone-coat/3522427
I have been looking for a good tailor for awhile. In browsing thrift shops (Baltimore), I noticed a lot of "lower" end (i.e., Mens Wearhouse quality and below) suits with labels from local tailors I have never heard of (and a tag with the previous owner's name stitched on). Scratchy wool, no hand work, some fully canvassed, some not. What is the deal with these? I have goofy dimensions/a hard to find size (about a 36L with "R" sleeves), so I was thinking of having a...
Looking for suits, sport coats (shades of gray), blue blazers, or overcoats in 36R. Wool pants in 31-32 waist.
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