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Made 42k at a genetics centre doing bioinformatic cancer research. I am really passionate about the topic but found it hard to get by on that salary. Plus, science is really hierarchical and I don't see myself getting additional degrees. Now I am starting to apply and interview for tech jobs. Any tips on that? Looks like there are a few programmers in this thread.
Most of the items I bought on release (I got to go to some preview event) managed to sell out before they marked everything down. The only painful purchase was for the zip ups at full price but at least I managed to get my smaller size.I have a few leftover items people told me to pick up for them but never paid. Maybe I'll post them up.Pretty much everything at H&M will go for 50%+ if it's around long enough but I've never seen a collaboration go on sale so quickly....and...
First salaried job was just the past year. $42k (with about 40% of it supplemented with a grant.) I am a bioinformatician and jobless now - but looking to switch into cancer research (or pure programming and make almost twice as much)
I went to canoe for the first time last night. I had the duck 'tongue to tail', the rib eye and the apple pie mousse with smoked cheddar ice cream. The duck dish was a bit much for me, but the rib eye was excellent! I think pickled portobello mushrooms will be my new 'thing'. A bit pricey, but I enjoyed it. -- Anybody do the 'licious specials? I am thinking of trying some this season.
Can some proxy the camel coat for me in 34 or 36?
Thanks!That's what I thought...I want some of the nike items and I don't think they'll sell out, so I am hoping for a higher than 30% dc
So are the clothes marked down like crazy in the States now? Anyone interested in proxying a few things for me, please PM!
Are the prices on that page already discounted? Or will they all be dropped by 30%+ once it becomes public?
Ha, looks like I did something wrong I`ve been checking out the VV on bloor and the little vintage store near it. It`s the biggest VV I`ve been to but people tell me the Queen East location is better.I picked up mostly pants at the bloor location, but I got:two NWT Farah vintage pants, one in red and one in beige, $7 each (saw TNT in yorkville was selling them for $150!)a bunch of NWT wesc pants in navy, black and a weird listerine green, $25 each, but I didn`t check the...
Are there any Canadian thrifters here? If so, could you direct me to places? Or any online consignment places? I've mostly check out Value Village, but all I can find are Mickey Mouse tshirts
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