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And I've never known the Chinese to be dishonest about their products.
i think you should get a bigger tie, this one still isn't quite as wide as your head
Uh oh, indignant lecture from Captain ROI coming in 3.... 2...
Internet Tough Guy: Corporate Edition
technically true, but you'd have to be REALLY fucking stupid in order for anyone at the company who actually cared to find out. You do realize this is just code we're talking about.No I'm not telling anyone to violate the terms of their job contract, but it is quite common for software people to work on their own projects at work during down time.
Is this one any better or worse? I'm thinking I might be better off without the bulkiness of the external patch pockets on the others
Which briefcase? Will be taking this with me to visit clients, so want something somewhat professional, but not old man looking. Jack Spade: Porter: Any other recos?
fixed (so to speak...)
I've also interviewed about 30 or so people at my current company. If any of them ever asked the recruiter to thank us, the recruiters never bothered telling us.
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