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Been out of the loop for a while.. Aside from BOO/Hollister (commence laughter), who else makes standard slim fit SHORT button down shrits, that stop at waist so you can barely tuck them in your pants even if you wanted to? Grapes
was given sand / camel desert boots.. mine are actually lighter than pic below.. almost as if i can only wear these with white pants or light colored jeans.. if i wear with black/navy/dark brown/grey pants these babies feel like lighthouses on my feet and pop out too much.. thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian But the views man, the VIEWS. yes, the sparkling barbed wire is an onyx/platinum meld flown in from post-wall Berlin. though the prisoners will miss the irony, i'm sure your guests won't. only in ny only in nyc
yes and no.. by the time you make partner at big 4, the rationale for you swinging to buyside/pe is that its the CLIENT'S incentive... and yes generally you'd make significantly more at that level, but to be honest at partner level, the invitation to switch is based not if you have MBA, but on your relationships with clients and if they like you're work/persona.. i answered assuming you wanted the MBA to jump to a buyside shop.. if you want to get an MBA, and STAY as...
$250,000 base pay.. before tax subsidized benefits/health/pensions/great vacation package.. only in corrupt NJ... it's for the kid$$$$, i swear.
Literally, as in every word that comes out of his mouth is about the project. Not one thing about the weather, Mets game, what you do this weekend, family, friends, even lunch preference. At first I was like dude needs to chill out, and it's annoying as shit especially with the awkward silence but then after you learn how to deal with it, you get so much shit done I find myself leaving earlier compared to other clients, then I'm like he's God yo.
Quote: Originally Posted by oman ereader 4 lyfe son does it look like real paper brahh.. how's pdf/word conversion?? most of my material will be uploaded via this medium.
temporarily placed on a new client up in stamford, CT dealing with buyside goups.. take subway (15 minutes) and Metro North 45 mins - 1 hr most nights provided car service and traffic can be HORRENDOUS (sometimes sitting for 2 hours, though not always).. which leaves me with A LOT of reading time 99% of which is work related - training/write ups/reviews/etc.. i've been doing this via my small laptop and find it just okay, and a bit bouncy as it rests on my lap.....
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