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Can someone please point me to the page that contains tutorials, photos, etc? I just bought a pair of Allen Edmonds 4-5 months ago and have been wearing them indoors only.... came to work one morning and saw a giant scuff on one side, around 4-5 inches long . I'd be pretty bummed out if it cannot be fixed.
My neck is around 15.5 So it's true tha their ESF is a bit baggier?
I am 6"0/170lbs/40R chest/32.5" waist w/ somewhat skinny, athletic build. I normally wear Slim Fit shirts from Zara (don't laugh). Will the CT ESF be too small for me or just right??
Looking for a trendy money clip & Wallet with style & function, any ideas??
I bought the 'Chase' from last year's collection. Their jackets are very fitted, hence the sizes go by chest width rather than generic sizing. Quality is so-so...
Link? Don't see it on Gilt.
But how "wearable" are they really? That's the question. What condition is it in? Are these jackets simply returns/exchanges 1-2 months in, or 5-6 months later? Were they donated, found in a back of a truck, or outlet-quality with manufacturer defects???Interesting. $129 jacket vs the same $350-$400 jacket and the only difference is fur. It might be cheaper to buy your own coyote fur trim and have it sewn on by a tailor.
Apparently all the N3B parkas are the same (except for fur trim) and suitable for up to -50F.
Not a big fan of "used" jackets. Used could mean many things. Is this the same site as Why are they selling "used" items on that site????
My budget is under $400 total anyways so this kinda works out for me. I don't have many options in Canada. Either pay out of my ass for the overused Canada Goose/Parajumpers/Nobis/etc., pay $300+ for some baggy, overused made in China North Face, or try to find something in the States when I come for BF shopping in 10 days.
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