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Had a very good experience with Broadform. Excellent pair of shoes from a real gentleman.
Gents, Up for sale is a pair pair of barely worn Crockett & Jones Audley in black. They are size 8UK / 9US on the 337 last. Handgrade. No subs, have been bought in the C&J Burlington Arcade store. They have been worn three times, once in the rain. I would recommend adding toe-caps. Unfortunately not my size. Comes with shoe bags, non-original box and no trees. Price is $250, which includes worldwide shipping. Lower price for buyers from the EU. Payment...
[ with apologies for double posting ]
apparently good enough for someone else, because they're sold already.
Do you have some measurements on nr. 6? And how much for shipping to the Netherlands? Thanks in advance.
Hi, Good to hear you've been going around town and enjoying yourself. For the pearl milk tea, I've only really drunk the one's on Shi-Da Road (MRT: Taipower Building on the green line), where I lived. You'll find some good tea there, plus a nice nightmarket. It's were most of the international students go to Uni and live, so a good place to hang out at night. When you really want to crash after partying, go to JR. Cafe, one of the only places in town that's open 24/7,...
Very nice transaction with The Plunger. Thanks again.
It's "the king of fruits"! I found the flavor to be similar to onion as well, and the texture very creamy. For me, they're a real holiday-pleasure, good while your there, but don't eat at home.
Oh, and try the fruit and juices. They're nice.
Taipei is a good city. I've spend considerable time there for the past three summers, doing language courses and partying. For shopping, basically, go to the big malls unless you've got a local to guide you to some hard-to-find stores. The Sogo's are nice, the 101-Mall is good as well. Wouldn't really know about the denim's, not really into that. For food, try the XiaoLongBao (小龍包) in the basement of the Sogo (the new one, above the MRT-station). If you're going there,...
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