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it is not scheer, i think balint Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Take a guess of the maker:
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Master, thanks for imparting a small sliver of your knowledge upon us mortals. I feel like I learned a great deal today. This contrasting lining is clearly wonderful and a hallmark of connaisseur elegance. finally!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sterling Gillette Au contraire: This type of lining is characteristic for some VIennese makers and is not regarded as less formal than a tonally darker lining/passepoil. BTW, the suede number on the right is superb. you'r right
could be, first i love it, now i think the same, but you can have it also without contrast
$4000, bespoke
the first shoe was a little modified so also the tree's
ouch, i know but have problem with english, have much to say about this
yes black suede, very thin one, there are 3 different thickness of suede, this is the lightest one
next one: scheer bespoke brown, 5 years old, every week use more to follow
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