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Hi, I'm considering planning a trip to India or Southeast Asia in the distant future and I would like to get some clothes made for me while I am there. None of the details have been set yet; I have not even settled on a destination, but I would like to know where in the world (not just Asia) I can find the best value in bespoke clothing and what the process would be like. I am considering having the following items made, dependent on price and availability: 3 wool...
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Gander If you live in or near Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa, you can try on a limited number of Loake styles at the Bay. Don't buy them there, though - Herring's seconds would probably be your best bet, but Pediwear also offers very good service. IMO, if you can get them for less than $300, and they are from the 1880 range, it's a good deal. Thanks for the advice! I live in Calgary, but I might still try...
Thanks for the advice. I know a lot of people here seem to think of Loake as having cheap quality leather, but if they're worth the money I might go for it.
I've just graduated and will be looking for work soon, so I'm searching for a pair of well made shoes, preferably around the $300 range. I'm considering purchasing this pair of Loakes: Are they worth $220? I live in Canada, so there is no way I could try them on before buying them. Can anyone recommend another brand in the same price range that may be of better quality?
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