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I like the ludlow suit but the waist is way too big. Is 7-inches actually alter-able for the tailors and still preserve the good look of the suit? Is it a lot of work for the tailors?
what clothes color works well for light Korean skin tone?
Quote: Originally Posted by dunelly how's the quality on the jcrew model? I can get a pair for 60 bucks. I have the J Crew one and Clarks and I find the J Crew much more comfortable than the Clarks Desert boot... design's very much the same... textile quality wise - the Clarks has a stiffer backing to the suede. construction wise - I find the J Crew one slightly better in some places of the shoe, while Clarks is better in some places. I must...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lostinthesupermarket They have them alright but they don't always work and often start to leak under sustained wetting.....the cuffs,shoulders and front top of the hood being the usual culprits in my experience. I suspect it's because a lot of them are made pretty cheaply. You haven't shopping at the right places then for those technical jackets. Go visit some real sports outdoor equipment store.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razeus J Crew dress shirts > BR's. I know, I have a few of each. BR dress shirts: the collars seem to be small and the collar stays show on them. Meaning the collar stays make a dent on the fabric so that anyone looking at you can see that your collar has those plastic tabs in them. That says alot about the fabric. agree
Quote: Originally Posted by roundheadlights This is sure to make some of the members here happy... barely said anything about the expansion
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat Hmm..should I return them? The leather is awesome. Here's an overhead view. return them
I have the loopwheeler sweatshirt/hoodie and the pants... best sweatstuff quality and construction ever
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse I don't think its possible to resole any sneaker? Very few sneakers can be resoled. The Common Projects can't be though.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianVarick I think it looks sweet. The fabric is much better than the sutherland trench I am sure. the sutherland isn't made of the same Mackintosh water resistant material though
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