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Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha this is the sad thing about cleveleys trunck shows, nobody ever takes pictures so all you see is the sad examples from there website, thro' it is much better now Two threads with some very good bespoke Cleverley images:
Quote: Originally Posted by medwards I might hope that you have at least seen pictures (perhaps even on this or other fora) of some bespoke examples that you would find to your liking.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I'm waiting for a new suit to come in this week or early next. I've been very fortunate up until now that no details on any of my orders have been wrong, with the exception of wrong-colored linings. However, that's how I figure I'm due. What types of detail mistakes have you experienced in the past and what, if any thing, did you do to resolve them? Package sent to wrong address!!!!! Never found! ...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt The upside to live birds is that you can collect the blood when they are killed, which is great. The downside it is kind of gross, and that it is hard to know much about quality. Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands That's the part I worry about. As opposed to the quality of the product you find wrapped in cellophane in the supermarket?
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Any experience buying live birds in an urban envirnmnemt? Unfortunately, my daughter's rather attached to her parakeet.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikejungle i have been to dsw, but again, wasn't able to find something i like. i guess it's cuz i'm picky. You'd wear a pair of Sambas and Stacy Adams clunkers and you're picky?????????????
"Everything in moderation."
Started new training routine today. Intervals every other day. Not many miles today. But pretty good speed work. Tomorrow is distance run.
Today: Eau Sauvage
Two button...sleeker line, more elegant.
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