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Quote: Originally Posted by George What a strange thread. Oh what a tangled web we weave.
frozen milky ways
No. It's 82 right now. I love LA!
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Go for a Polo coat made up in Harrison's camelhair. I did!
Needs to be let out a bit at the waist as well????????
Quote: Originally Posted by Cayne-Abel I just got my first decent pair of shoes (the Allen Edmonds Van Ness). I have a pair of shoe trees and some kiwi polish and some shoe cream. I seem to be missing a conditioner. Should I do anything with the shoes prior to wearing them for their first full day? Or are they ready to go? I would suggest that for the first outing or two you only wear them for a few hours...not a full day. Care is very...
Yes, rain and snow present different problems. Rain is simply keeping dry. Some rubber overshoes might suffice..and one should be very mindful of allowing wet shoes dry out properly between wearings (wipe clean, insert newpapers, when moisture gone insert shoe trees, do not put too close to heat source, when dry then polish). Snow creates additional problems -- warmth, traction, as well as wetness and salt. Wellies (with good liners or socks) might indeed be your vbest...
If the final product is unacceptable, why would you pay the bill?
A pinstripe can be more conservative than solid..but style, contrast, fabric all come into play. The bottom line for an interview is that you want the interviewer to concentrate on you not your clothes. Go with what you feel most confortable in. Any discomfort will be reflected -- albeit subtlely -- in your interview.
Nothing wrong with replacing them with rubber heels...should increase longevity and comfort...but I would certainly ask the cobbler if there is an apprent reason for this situation to have occurred so quickly.
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