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Classic pairings with cords and tweeds,
Quote: Originally Posted by Newcomer Well, the title is self explanatory I guess. I was in between Dark Oak and Edwardian, but ended up siding with Edwardian. If I did not include a color that is your personal favorite (i.e. if some strange person likes Chameleon best), let me know and I will update the list. Dark oak is classic EG -- though they can make it up in a very wide range of shadings (as they can for other colors as well).
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Are they the pinnacle of excellence? No. They do have what had been a distinct approach and style...and a royal warrant that garnered attention.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarquisMagic Kramer got it right: "You'll be the first modern-day pirate..." Quote: Originally Posted by Richard Pryor what? Obligatory Seinfeld reference.
Kramer got it right: "You'll be the first modern-day pirate..."
Two...mainly for travel to colder climes. One is camel; one midnight blue cashmere.
when done right...casual elegance. fits in well here in socal.
navy pinstrpe
Four button sleeves on suit coats; three button sleeves on sports coats...unless they have a single button fastening in which case one button sleeve as well!
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Help me decide the right path and also pick cloths that would exemplify this approach. Weight? (Cloth not yours ) Navy blue chalk stripe; gray herringbone; dark blue with lighter blue windowpane overcheck; black on white Prince of Wales with subtle blue overcheck; charcoal gray with light pinstripe; and one dark gray with bold pinstripe should suffice for first rotation.
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