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Quote: Originally Posted by medwards I had the opportunity to talk with Harold McGee about the use of oils in cooking whilst he was in Washington on Monday. It was rather timely inasmuch as that was to be the topic of his New York Times Curious Cook column the next day. The bottom line is that heat has a very marked impact on the taste of cooking oils, reducing their flavor to the point where they more or less taste the same. Even the University of...
Quote: Originally Posted by SField +1 Kind of over salmon. Also fairly over most preparations of lobster. butter poached?
I would think that a traditional A&S double-breasted suit would actually be more conservative business dress than the rather stylish single-breasted versions SBs that are his norm.
It does look tight. I always believed one of the hallmarks of A&S garments was that they looked comfortable as well as felt comfortable. I know that you have a bit of a preference for open quarters, but I fear the visibility of your belt buckle does not add to the image.
cut, cloth, color...
Yes. He saved the company. But it's a business not a hobby. You have to make money to stay in business no matter how deep your pockets. There's little question that A&S was on very shaky ground for a while.
Depending on the climate, I would think that in most moderate climates, one could suffice with a dress overcoat in dark blue or black, something more casual in herringbone or camel, and a good lined rain/trench coat.
M: If doublebreasteds work for vox and medwards, why would they not work for you?
You are correct. But that did not stop A&S gaining very substantial attention because they had been Prince Charles' tailor. Quite frankly, I very much doubt they would still be in business today if they had not had his trade. They were very close to shuttering their shop not so terribly long ago.
Gray if for work; brown if for weekends.
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