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Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Some time ago -- on another men's style forum -- I wrote a similar post to that of the OP. My assumption at the time was ... the RLPL sweater I purchased should have been significantly lower in price given the difference between Italy and China when it comes to the cost of labor. These days ... if the item meets or exceeds the quality I expect ... and the price is right ... it's no longer an issue for...
What do you plan to do with your wardrobe when you die? Take it with me!
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG Worst nickname/thread title combination ever.
I've been going through past posts. It seems as if this forum as always been a bit, shall we say, "diverse."
I think not.
Only if you would have invited them if they weren't work colleagues and bosses.
How does Top Chef Las Vegas end up in Napa?
Quote: Originally Posted by limester816 I would love another USC loss today.
Do unto others as you would have others do unto you... oh yes, and have driver for your Bentley
Are reverse calf and suede the same thing?
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