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I find most cordovan shoes too heavy looking, inflexible and warm. I think you can get a nicer, more comfortable look in a nicely finished burgundy calf.
No jeans. Kkaki's or wool trousers depending on weather, location, and your natural style. Casual sports jacket. Open neck shirt. You want to look natural and sucessful, comfortable and confident. Good luck.
Very nice
Perhaps time at a spa...
...and where do you want this relationship to go? Women tend read a great deal into the implications of a gift.
Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. Wow we got lucky, but the Redskins got plenty of opportunities as well. Our defensive played horribly...... It doesn't matter how; just how many. Undefeated still!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I will be making contact with medwards on Friday. I am bringing a St. Bernard with a little brandy cask, to be safe. Did you find him?
Is there a compendium of clothing blogs on this Forum or elsewhere? I couldn't find one.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay This is what I'd fear, as well as stones. Yeah, I found that having to be so conscious of where my foot landed affected my stride and my focus during running. The injury was enough to convince me for good that the protection afforded by a running shoe was well worth it...even on the beach.
Amazing comeback!
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