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So who decides whether there will be a particular bowl game? Doesn't the NCAA have to sanction it?
Thought we had a pro-team in USC. Guesss not. We need an NFL franchise here in LA. Miss Van Brocklin and Crazy Legs!!!!!
The ever-exapanding number of bowl games is really undermining their prestige (though they must be making money for college football programs). Thoughts?
Bryan should win unless he takes too much of a risk and misses the mark letting Kevin to prevail. In any case, one brother is probably not going to be very good company at the family Christmas dinner this year.
Caps dealt Witt because he was too slow for the new NHL. Guess he proved them wrong.
Another Shure E2C vote!
A would be my choice. Slightly sleeker and nicer finish...but the straight-lacing might be adding to that. If you opt for B, lace them like A.
Quote: Originally Posted by aforlano Location = Central Florida (it's warm tonight). What about shoes? I assume ...sneakers are too casual? You got it. No jeans, no sneakers, no sweatshirts, hoodies or tee shirts. A warm night in central Florida might mean a nice polo shirt, khaki's and loafers. Here in L.A. I'd add a lightweight sportsjacket or blazer.
My dad is getting smaller!!!! Honest.
Five miles...tough hills! I hate hills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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