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I always have to keep remembering it's a tv program.
Quote: Originally Posted by Deluks917 ^Not anymore. That was a hell of a bull-shit sous-chef twist. That was horribly unfair. Should have been a quickfire to determine order of them picking who they wanted as sous chef...
page 134 (but I didn't look) How tacky!!!!
Look, you need to be comfortable with what you wear and who you are. If that's boat shoes and cargo be it. But I would ask you to consider this: do you think that she'll be opting for similar attire? How likely is it she's goig to show up in a polo shirt, cargo shorts and flip flops...or do you think she may take it up a notch? She's a forty-year old woman with a career who travels extensively and is (presumably) looking foward to seeing someone for a...
It's a machine...nothing can go wrong...nothing can go wr.....nothing can go wr... HAL: It can only be attributable to human error.
Like almost half!!!!
So who decides whether there will be a particular bowl game? Doesn't the NCAA have to sanction it?
Thought we had a pro-team in USC. Guesss not. We need an NFL franchise here in LA. Miss Van Brocklin and Crazy Legs!!!!!
The ever-exapanding number of bowl games is really undermining their prestige (though they must be making money for college football programs). Thoughts?
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