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Yeah, but what do the Steelers do to get out of this rut??? Five straight losses.
Six miles; easy pace. Tomorrow speed drills over at UCLA; Sunday distance!
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Yes. He [medwards] turned down the brandy and asked for tea, but otherwise seemed fine. To borrow a bit from JFK: "I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of sartorial knowledge, that has ever been gathered together, with the possible exception of when Manton and Medwards dined alone." Or something like that
So you have three exceptional finalists that have made it through all the obligatory challenges (and winning most of them). There is no question of their skill and competence in the kitchen. So what challenge(s) do you put forward to separate them from one another: the best meal you could possibly make? the dish that best personifies your culinary approach? Something that shows the breadth of their skills (such as an obligatory set of techniques or dishes (I take it...
Seriously??? Ok...in a quiet and somewhat introspective tone: "You know, you're the kind of girl I've always thought I'd marry."
There are probably multiple reasons: First, as Manton suggests, time is a factor in terms of skill as a chef. This isn't just true in terms of cooking. It may well be true in terms of conceptionalization, prep, and adjusting to unforseen circumstances. Second, it adds a layer of difficulty that is part of the show's definition of Top Chef. It is not just how weel one can cook..it is how one can prepare, lead and cook in a variety of challenging...
Rest and recovery day...I know I need it, but why do I always feel guilty??????
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton The editing made it look like Kevin and Michael won one course each and Brian won two. From Colicchio's Blog that obviously wasn't the case. But I'm not sure that the standard for Top Chef should be who "wins" the most course. Shouldn't there be an overall assessment of the meal and what it means to be the "top chef?"
Haagen Dazs Five
Colicchio on why Michael won and why it wasn't as close as it looked on tv: http://www.bravotv.com/top-chef/blog.../bait-n-switch
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