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Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym With her gone, there is no more eye candy. Padma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Axelman 17 I nominate tonight's episode for stupidest quickfire of all time Perhaps, but winning it was as good as -- if not better than -- winning the elimination challege. Immunity and $20,000 for the quickfire. In the end, both move on to the next episode, Carla's got a trip to Italy to look foward to; Tre has $20,000 to spend. Which would you take?
Even Casey said Jen's dish wasn't good. According to Colicchio, Jen did herself in -- not when she argued with the judges but -- when she took rsponsibility and said the dish wouldn't have been any different if jamie had been there. That took Jamie off the hook (or so Colicchio says). It probably also made it easier than deciding between the two on the team that made the undercooked eggs. In any case, I always find it fascinating when internet foodies make a judgement...
[quote=PorterInjax;3878133Also, we had the "no table until 10:30" to deal with also.[/QUOTE] Quote: Originally Posted by SField A common trick... What would be the point of this? Isn't it in the restaurant's interest to seat you if they have a table open...unless the kitchen can't handle the demand?
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz For the first half of her season, I thought she was the strongest competitor - then she broke down under the pressure, I guess. Plus she worked for Eric Ripert, who's my favorite celebrity chef. Plus she works for Eric Ripert... Should be a good season...probably less drama, more food. Because the players are already well known (to us and the judges) and because they are all older and more...
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Currently using a Nenox gyoto with the red handle. Like it quite a bit, feels good in the hand. Perhaps you could add a bit more to this thread? I've been looking for info on Nenox knives. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson How very gracious of you.
Or the cream of cauliflower from Ad Hoc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert There is no culture of smoking meat where i live. In fact if it wasnt for Piobaires pictures of brisket deliciousbly fall apart all tender and juicy on a plate i would probably never have thought about getting one. But now its too late, i want one. However, as i live the only ones available to me are expensive. What else can i do with them other than brisket? Will i get a decent amount of use out of...
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