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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday That sounds remarkably like "discontinued" to me. They don't sell it; but you can order it. So they've discontinued the ready to wear Beaulieu, but are continuing the special order Beaulieu so don't be misled by the Internet. Huh????
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson It was not at Cyrus. I think it was Chimney Rock Wineries or something like that. It was also where part 1 of the finale had judging. I still find it puzzling that a season called "Top Chef Las Vegas" would have its finale in Napa Valley. Then again, it's television, sponsors, and endorsements.
Resilient...but maybe that's because the leather seems rather stiff and inflexible to me...and it certainly wears warm. And when it's not cared for properly it can look like plastic. Any sense that cordos are more popular in the MidWest and Northeast where the weather is cooler and the clothes heavier?
Quote: Originally Posted by medwards Would these be of interest?
Quote: Originally Posted by AB01 Oxblood doesn't go with grey or black? What colour slacks do they go with? I got some grey slacks and burgundy shoes specifically to go together. Yep, it goes with grey, black, navy, and shades of brown.
Another thumbs up for Cochon.. Add Cuvee and Coquette to the list!
Find a red, used Austin Healey.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman They hired a naming consultant to come up with the name... Sounds like a weathercaster. Now, with tonight's forecast: Sage Brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Always choose Brown over Black. Always choose Black over Brown.
Auctions only!
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