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Quote: Originally Posted by medwards Would these be of interest?
Quote: Originally Posted by AB01 Oxblood doesn't go with grey or black? What colour slacks do they go with? I got some grey slacks and burgundy shoes specifically to go together. Yep, it goes with grey, black, navy, and shades of brown.
Another thumbs up for Cochon.. Add Cuvee and Coquette to the list!
Find a red, used Austin Healey.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman They hired a naming consultant to come up with the name... Sounds like a weathercaster. Now, with tonight's forecast: Sage Brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Always choose Brown over Black. Always choose Black over Brown.
Auctions only!
Bridge Over Troubled Water The Boxer My Little Town Cecilia
That's an idea for the finale! Let each of the final three run the kitchen at Cyrus for a night.
Foodguy: Hung. Maybe Harold from Season One. While they didn't win, Marcel and Richard Blais would be pretty interesting competitors against this season's final three.
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