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Does G&G do Russian calf?
Quote: Originally Posted by KJT nah. Season 3: Ilan not in the middle Season 4: Stephanie not in the middle Season 5: Hosea in the middle Season 6 Voltaggio not in the middle Season 7 Kevin not in the middle A quick google image search shows that the important people are in the front row, but that's the only indicator of their success. That's not to say that Mike doesn't win this season, but that his sitting...
Quote: Originally Posted by AncientSoul Am I going blind or is this a square toe? Will I burn in sartorial hell for asking this question? No, it is a chiseled toe. Wanna read anything into the seating arrangements from today's taping of the TC - AS reunion show?
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum i believe he also worked with ferran adria at el bulli He was there for one week in 2003. As short as it was, there is no question it had a remarkable impact on his approach to food and cooking.
too much salt is dangerous to your health. Dale got lucky last week...but this isn't the first time it's sent a good chef home!
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Uh, because running a restaurant and cooking isn't an extreme sport, and has little to do with this kind of TV shit? Well, there are times when it can seem like an extreme sport, but it certainly has little to do this kind of TV....
Fourth in Season 6 and an early exit this season may seem "close" to you, but I'm not sure that would be a universal assessment. Regardless, the bottom line is pretty obvious -- there are great chefs who -- for whatever reason -- don't fare very well in such competitions but are superb in running a restaurant kitchen.
Amanda -- who is Cordon Bleu-trained -- can cook. She's been the sous chef at The Water Grill and they knew exactly what they were doing when -- after a nationwide search for a new executive chef -- they turned to her. There's a big difference between who might win a television/cooking contest and who you want running your kitchen every night. Ask Eric Ripert about Jen Carroll.
Let's see. All Stars. Guest Judges. Great locale. Bathing Suits. Hmmmm. And you think it's a television show and not a cooking contest???????
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