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I'm looking for a nice blazer fit, I'm 5'8 and normal build. How should I measure myself with the measuring tape to find out a good fit for my body? I typically where black jeans, leather boots, and a plain shirt. I think a good blazer that you folks would recommend would fit well .
edit: didn't know i couldn't reply to questions in a new reply. sorry won't happen again! Quote: Originally Posted by IIIrd Icon interested [since i'm W33], but not familiar with AW sizing. are they usually TTS [that'd stetched out] or are they really cut bigger? The measurements posted are exact measurements right now, if you washed it it would go down to a 33. Quote: I'd love to have these, interested in trades? I have some very...
Price drop - $152
31x32 Slackers, Jan'2010 model Measurements: Waist - 34" Hip - 41.5" Total Length - 43" Leg Length - 32" Thigh - 24" Selling them because I need to get a size larger now, sadly . Has never been soaked or washed, I would say they have been worn around 30 times or so. If you want more detail shots then shoot me a PM and I'll get them for you. $160 Will pay for shipping if it's in the US. If it's outside the US then I will pay half. I can meet around the Los Angeles area.
I'm looking at the PF Flyers sale on Gilt, wondering if any of you think any of these 2 pair of shoes are worth $48, and which one of the two would you recommend. I have a pair of high-top chucks and I wanted a pair of low sneakers.
Have people thought you were gay for wearing skinny jeans? I met this chick yesterday who told my other friend that she thought I was gay just because I was wearing skinny jeans with my loake's. Probably due to her own insecurity because I looked skinnier than she did in her fat ass atire lol.
These are my first real pair of jeans I've owned, 31x32 slackers. I have to say, I love these jeans to death!! I might try a pair of somet next.
I just received my Loake Shiltons, when do I apply the shoe cream and how regularly?
The boot is a Loake Shilton, my sneakers is a pair of chucks.
I wear a 8.5 US sneaker size. Does that convert to 7.5 UK boot size?
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