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Hey guys, Can any pros identify the maker of these loafers? The reason being, I am having some quailty issues (will make a new thread shortly after I take some pics) Other than the "Polo" on the sole and "Polo Ralph Lauren" inside no other markers, no made in .... Thanks guys!
Looking for: a pair of polarized aviaor sunglasses 40L suit - all colors considered Thanks guys!!!
So I go to my favorite thirft store and I see what looks to be a dusty old pair of loafers. Upon further inspection I see they are Polo Ralph Lauren, my interest is perked then I take a closer look and it seems they were never even tried on let alone worn not a single mark on the soles/inners. My size, I gave them a quick whip down and threw some conditioner on them so I could show you guys cause I am pretty excited! I think they were left to accumulate dust on...
Thanks guys, This thread was also very helpful: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...=176575&page=7 I think I am going to go with the pin up measurement technique/good fitting areas from various shirts. One more quick question, anyone add measurements to compensate wash/drying shrinkage? Thanks again
I searched about a million modern tailor postings with no answer to my question so bare with me if this ? was previously addressed on the forum (If so no need to answer, a quick link would be great). I am ordering my first shirt and would love to hear different techniques to measure ones self. I understand many people add or subtract measurements from areas to compensate for modern tailors way of adding measurements for the slim, normal and loose fit. So any input...
Found a Canali double breasted blazer, price was right at $8.00 but the double breasted is not my style so I left it. Beautiful jacket though, loved the gold buttons! Probably one of the nicest I have tried on!
Found 5 pairs of Allen Edmonds, 9.5 D a tiny bit too small but probably manageable. Took 2 pairs, (both Sanfords) the rest were Bridgeton almost perfect condition just not my style. Posted one pair the other is currently getting stretched at the cobbler. Oh man am I excited, I don't have a lot of money, after reading SF my wardrobe is in need of some serious help! Hopefully after the stretching they will fit. Thanks for the inspiration everyone!
Does anyone have experience with "B.BOGIES" collection, he is a traveling MTM foreign salesman. I listed his prices below, they seem reasonable, wondering if anyone has purchased material through him, as I am concerned about the quality. Probably a long shot since he is a one man shop but thought if anywhere would know, this would be the place! First Set = US$ 1495 (3 Suits, 3 Extra Pants, 6 Shirts), Second Set = US$ 1795 (4 Suits, 4 Extra Pants, 8 Shirts), Third Set...
I picked up a nice pair of Allen Edmonds, sized 10.5 E. They are quite comfortable but my foot size is 10D. I assume the actual shoe is going to wear differently due to the extra space? If this assumption is correct, is anything I can do to prevent any deformities from occurring? Figured I would give it a try, since they were only 6 bucks (huge find for a newb), Thanks!
In search of a 40L suit and 10d shoes. All options will be considered, no particular style/color in mind, Thanks!
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