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Found 5 pairs of Allen Edmonds, 9.5 D a tiny bit too small but probably manageable. Took 2 pairs, (both Sanfords) the rest were Bridgeton almost perfect condition just not my style. Posted one pair the other is currently getting stretched at the cobbler. Oh man am I excited, I don't have a lot of money, after reading SF my wardrobe is in need of some serious help! Hopefully after the stretching they will fit. Thanks for the inspiration everyone!
Does anyone have experience with "B.BOGIES" collection, he is a traveling MTM foreign salesman. I listed his prices below, they seem reasonable, wondering if anyone has purchased material through him, as I am concerned about the quality. Probably a long shot since he is a one man shop but thought if anywhere would know, this would be the place! First Set = US$ 1495 (3 Suits, 3 Extra Pants, 6 Shirts), Second Set = US$ 1795 (4 Suits, 4 Extra Pants, 8 Shirts), Third Set...
I picked up a nice pair of Allen Edmonds, sized 10.5 E. They are quite comfortable but my foot size is 10D. I assume the actual shoe is going to wear differently due to the extra space? If this assumption is correct, is anything I can do to prevent any deformities from occurring? Figured I would give it a try, since they were only 6 bucks (huge find for a newb), Thanks!
In search of a 40L suit and 10d shoes. All options will be considered, no particular style/color in mind, Thanks!
Thanks to this thread, I found myself a Ralph Lauren (Blue Label - Made in Italy) navy blue suit - 3 button, flat front pants, double vented. It fits me perfectly, at least from my untrained newbie eyes. Need to drop it off at the dry cleaners, when I get it back I will post pictures. All in cost: $12.99 (This may not seem like a big find to most but keep in mind I am newbie, this was a huge find for myself, very excited) Thanks for the motivation guys...
Newbie attempting to improve wardrobe, looking for: Navy pinstripe 2 button suit, (40L). Preferably NWT but will entertain others depending on condition. Brown shoes 10D (Oxford or Loafer ) sub $100 Thanks for the help!
Let me start by saying I am literally addicted to this thread, I can't get over some of the finds. I'm a newbie to SF/Quality clothing, it's UNBELIEVABLE the items you pros find. I am determined to find something for myself, understandable no1 wants to give out their go to spots but I have a very generic thrift store question. Anyone ever score at a "Savers" (large thrift store chain)? I keep hitting one in Mass but there is never anything good, terrible stuff I...
I'll post some pictures tonight comparing the Banks and Freeman. Not sure if I am going to keep the Freeman it is a different colored suit, I'll see if you guys think it will be fitting for most occasions. I picked it up for $360 since there was an additional 15% off special. It is a mainline so I figured it was a reasonable price. Keep in mind both pictures are going to be before tailing since they might be returned (Banks definitely, Freeman possibly).
Seems that Dolce and Gabbana shirts (button down) are not talked about too much on the forum. Would like to hear some peoples opinions, my local discount store has a bunch for $39.99. I do have a slimmer build, so these shirts might not be the best fit. (apologies if my searching abilities are sub-par) Thanks
Thanks guys, I think I am going to return it for a Hickey Freeman ($450 at my local discount store - $70 dollars greater than the banks) Appreciate the advice!
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